German flag


Map of Norisring

Circuit info:


MC Nürnburg
30 Ziegenstr 97
D-85 Nürnburg

 (49) 911 533327
 (49) 911 533328

Circuit length:
 1.429 miles/2.300 km
Circuit type:
 Permanent road course

Circuit history:

If awards were dished out for the most surreal place to hold a motor race, the Norisring in Nürnberg in south east Germany would surely be one of the main contenders.

Based around the Steintribune, an imposing concrete ediface, the track in an earlier life was more used to having the odd tank rumble over it during parade duties than racing cars. For this was the tribune where Hitler made many of his infamous Nuremberg speeches, rallying support for his cause.

Not to be confused with the more famous Nürburgring, the circuit takes its title from the former name of the city, Noris. Still though, tens of visitors make the trip each year to Nürnberg, in the mistaken belief that they will find the Nordschliefe nestling somewhere among the tribunes...

Today the Steintribune doubles up as a handy grandstand for 25,000 spectators, towering over the main straight. The Norisring is short and fast, with wide strights leading to narrow, tight hairpins. Action always abounds here!

The circuit has always enjoyed a strong tradition and good support from raceday crowds, despite its odd surroundings. Sportscars made up the mainstay of the races since 1967 until the 1990s, including rounds of the German Sports Car Championships and the World Championships.

Strong grids have always been a feature, no doubt helped by generous prize money and the weekend used to be built around the 200-mile race, with much beer-guzzling and oompha playing to boot. However, the circuit has switched allegiances in recent years, hosting rounds of the DTM and F3 Euroseries, where it is the blue-ribaned event of the year.

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