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Map of Sachsenring

Circuit info:


Sachsenring GmbH
KG Am Sachsenring
D-09353 Oberlungwitz

 (49) 3723 65330
 (49) 3723 653355

Circuit length:
 2.281 miles/3.671 km
Circuit type:
 Permanent road course

Circuit history:

The Sachsenring - a closed-course road circuit with a long history of bike racing - was revived in the 1996 as one of Germany's major circuits. Reconstructed as a permanent facility and using only a small part of the original circuit, the new Sachsenring found fame in the German Super Touring Championship and subsequently the DTM. It has since become Germany's stop on the MotoGP calendar.

The first version of the revised circuit, used in 1996 and 1997, saw motorcycles negotiate a chicane after Sternquell, while cars did not. The second chicane was unused.

Constant modifications were made to bring the track up to the latest FIM standards. In 1998 the final chicane was modified, resulting in much faster lap times and the chicane after Sternquell was abandoned. In 2000 the final chicane was again modified and the pit straight lengthened. Further modifications were made to remove esses leading on to the back stretch.

Major redevelopments followed the following year, when a new end section of the lap was developed by Hermann Tilke, as well as the repositioning of the pit and paddock on the opposite side of the main straight. In 2003, further modifications were made with the tightening of the Omega Curve.

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