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Pescara 1934-61

Map of Pescara 1934-61

Circuit info:

Circuit length:
 15.894 miles/25.578 km
Circuit type:
 Temporary road course

Circuit history:

Pescara's fearsome road course achieved a footnote in history as the longest circuit to ever be used for a World Championship Grand Prix.

Winding its way through the Abruzzi mountains, the circuit incorporated a four-mile (!) straight next to the sea. It also featured level crossings, stray animals and crowds lining the circuit...

As well as the Grand Prix, it held a 12 hour sportscar race and was home to the Coppa Acerbo. Enzo Ferrari won the first race held at the circuit, in an Alfa Romeo.

Pescara became one of the first circuits to employ a chicane, when a 'bus stop' type affair was installed in 1934 to slow drivers before the pits.

The mad 15-mile blast through villages, along the sea-front and up and down mountain passes was given a world championship Grand Prix for the only time in 1957. Stirling Moss won for Vanwall.

By the early 1960s even the racing-mad Italians had concluded that the circuit was suicidally dangerous, and Pescara was quietly abandoned, with facilities little changed from when cars first lined up on the grid some 40 years before.

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