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Map of Knockhill

Circuit info:


Knockhill Racing Circuit
by Dunfermline
KY12 9TF
United Kingdom

 (44) 1383 723337
 (44) 1383 620167

Circuit length:
 1.300 miles/2.092 km
Circuit type:
 Permanent road course

Circuit history:

Scotland's only permanent racing facility was the realisation of a dream by farmer and motorbike racing fan Tom Kinnaird, who created the 1.3 mile course by linking service roads and a disused railway line to form the simple, yet demanding, layout.

Opened for racing in 1974, Knockhill was bought by Derek Butcher along with its 200 acres of land in 1983. Since then he has ploughed in £100,000, bringing improvements to the pit area and widening of the approach to McIntyre, Clark and the hairpin.

Thanks to Ray Smith and Knockhill Circuit for additional information.

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