Frequently asked questions

A picture of me, Neil Tipton.  Not a pretty sight!

So who's behind this site then?

Why that would be me, Neil Tipton! I've long held an interest in motorsport and found it frustrating to read reports of races and not be able to visualise the character and nature of the race because I had no circuit map. Hence I made it my business to become something of an authority on the subject.

When I'm not updating this site I work in public relations in my home city of Hereford, in the UK. I also design the odd website or two for other people, watch endless amounts of motorsport and cheer on my beloved Man City in whatever remains of my free time.

So why did you create this site?

Well, I'd seen others that covered the subject but was never fully satisfied with everything about them. I decided that if I could merge the best points of each of them, the end result would be much better. And e-Tracks is what I came up with. Plenty of people seem to find it useful and it keeps me off the streets at night, so it can't be bad!

Do you have a life? Did it take ages to make?

The answers are: probably not to the first question and yes to the second! I started the website while I was at university, which now seems a lifetime ago. It took two years to get anything online because I wanted to get to a stage where there was something worthwhile to post before unleashing it on the world. I hope you like the results. You are currently viewing v2.0 of the site, which seems to have taken even longer to create, but in reality has only taken 6 months!

What is the aim of e-Tracks?

e-Tracks is an effort to produce a complete, up-to-date database of world motor racing circuits - not an easy task, I can tell you! Over the past seven years I have been painstakingly researching the information needed for such a massive project, as well as producing the site itself.

How did you get your information?

A variety of sources; books, the Internet and numerous magazines. Circuit diagrams, however, are largely all my own work - created on computer with Adobe Illustrator. You can get a list of other useful sites and references here.

When will you update the site?

As and when I can! With a project of such enormity as this it may never be fully complete, especially if new circuits keep being built at the current rate. This is a non-commercial website which is produced purely because I enjoy doing so, so it will not be possible to be as up-to-date as a commercial venture would. I'll do my best though!

You fool! I've spotted an error!

To err is only human, as they say. I make as many mistakes as the next man (probably more - I did used to be a journalist, after all...) but if you spot one, email me and let me know and I will correct it asap. I'm also always grateful to anyone who has details and diagrams of circuits not listed on the site, so do get in touch by emailing me at

So who pays for all this then?

You may have spotted that there are no adverts on this site. That's because I'm not in this to make money, I simply hope that it is of use to motorsport fans out there and gives as much pleasure to others as it gave me in making it. Mind you, blank, signed cheques are always welcome...

Does anyone else contribute to the site?

Yes, anyone who has useful information can email me and I'll certainly consider it. Grateful thanks so far to:

Mark Alan Jones; Adam Brook; Ross Fosbender; Julian Halliday; Simon Lowes; Duane Davis; John Diamond; Jim Turley; Derek Ross; Alan Medlock; Peter Schömer; Earl Alexander; Luís Filipe Barral; Guido de Carli; Steve Foster; Matt Lucas; Greg Izzi; Sam Collins; Alex Jenner; Tom Barnard; Claus Hansen; Bob Thacker; Jeroen Baack; Marcel Chichak; Tom Johnston; Bob Cantin; Torkel Börjeson; Carsten Jørgensen; Jon Hendrickson; Gustavo Corti; Tim Pritchard; Bill Colson; Jon Martin; Brandon O'Neill; Dan Jackson.

Special thanks are also due to Steve Wilson and Ed Light for their help with the news section.

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