This whole site would not have been possible without reference to books and websites from around the world. Here is a list of the most useful, including links to other sites with track maps. You can find other general motorsport links here.

Feel free to give them a visit - I don't pretend my site is anywhere near complete and if you can't find what you are looking for at e-Tracks, you will probably find it on one of these. Happy hunting!

Darren Galpin's Tracks Around the World

Darren has amassed an amazing collection of track maps from sources all over the world and has been putting them online in his easy to use site for years. Probably one of the foremost experts in the field, he is a regular on motorsport forums on the web. The rest of his GEL motorsport site is pretty comprehensive too!

Guido de Carli's Track Site

Guido has details of many tracks around the globe, including some of the more obscure venues. Available in both Italian and English, the site is invaluable for providing versions of maps only seen in the Italian Autosprint and Rombo magazines.

Chasin' Racing Track Locator

If you are trying to find a circuit in the USA and if it isn't listed here, give up! Only covers the USA, but has links to official sites and contact details for circuits. Not big on track maps though.

North American Motorsports Pages

Patchy, in that there are many surprising ommisions, but this site is clear and concise, covering the USA, Canada and Mexico. Good for track histories - although not all circuits listed have them.

A lot of the research for this site has been done with the help of everyone at these discussion forums:

I've also found the following books useful:

  • A Guide to Motorpsorts Circuits of the World by Tony Sakkis.
    Airlife Publishing, 1994
  • The World Atlas of Motor Racing by Joe Saward.
    Guild Publishing, 1989
  • The Guinness Guide to International Motor Racing by Peter Higham.
    Guinness, 1995
  • Racer's Travel Guide by Judy Preston
    Motorbooks International, 1991
  • From Bands Hatch too Indianapolis by Tommaso Tommasi.
    Hamlyn, 1974

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